Egy farmers is a company made out of the gathering of several farms in Wadi Alnotron and Alkhatatba agricultural areas. The main goal was to enable those farms and farmers to better serve the importer outside Egypt by working directly with that importer and getting to know him, his market, and his specification in the items that he is importing from Egypt.
Egy Farmers has committed itself to the development and continuous improvement of a state-of-the-art production function that would provide sustainable premium quality Egyptian fresh produce to the international and local markets.
Egy Farmers farms in Wadi Alnoton & Alkhatatba; a desert reclaimed area that is almost 80km from Alexandria (the Mediterranean sea-port). The farms are owned and centrally managed by Egy Farmers through an integrated food safety and quality management system that complies with the food industry's international standards.
Product quality is insured by our commitment and personal attention, beginning as early as land preparations and continuing all the way to planting and harvesting. After post harvest operations, logistics ensure optimal, safe deliveries to fulfil program obligations to the retail shelves on time.
Planting all of our fields with the sole purpose of exporting. The procedures followed in crop management and packing are implemented only according to customers' programs, specifications and international standards. The company is always observing market demands and trends, with a keen interest in developing and investing in its infrastructure, systems, technological and agricultural capabilities.
Since That we are relatively a newly established company who owns only its farms, but for our pre harvest operations, we work only with pack houses who has the BRC and HACCP certificates because we believe that Food safety is certainly a top concern and we respect international standards that maintain product safety and always take into consideration the workers and the environment.